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fixed md code block bad syntax

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......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ Prerequesites
see [here]( for info
see [here]( for complementary info
- `pip3 install --upgrade pip`
- `pip3 install numpy`
- `pip3 install h5py`
......@@ -51,18 +51,20 @@ see [here](
Usage in a notebook
`%matplotlib ipympl`
%matplotlib ipympl
`import h5py`
`from hdfviewer.widgets.HDFViewer import HDFViewer`
`from hdfviewer.widgets.PathSelector import PathSelector`
import h5py
from hdfviewer.widgets.HDFViewer import HDFViewer
from hdfviewer.widgets.PathSelector import PathSelector
`path = PathSelector(extensions=[".hdf",".h5",".nxs"])`
path = PathSelector(extensions=[".hdf",".h5",".nxs"])
`if path.file:`
  `hdf5 = h5py.File(path.file,"r")`
  ` display(HDFViewer(hdf5))`
if path.file:
hdf5 = h5py.File(path.file,"r")
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