Commit 544ae3d8 authored by eric pellegrini's avatar eric pellegrini
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removed dead code

added release string as an argument of static method
parent 442ad5b5
......@@ -136,24 +136,14 @@ class HDFViewer(widgets.Accordion):
# Bind the DataViewer figure to the MplOutput widget for allowing a "clean" output clearing (i.e. release the figure from plt)
output.figure = self._viewer.viewer.figure
hbox = widgets.HBox()
firstFrame = widgets.Button(description="first frame")
previousFrame = widgets.Button(description="previous frame")
nextFrame = widgets.Button(description="next frame")
lastFrame = widgets.Button(description="last frame")
frame = widgets.IntSlider(value=5,min=0,max=10)
plotMode = widgets.Checkbox(value=False,description="xy integration")
hbox.children = [firstFrame,previousFrame,frame,nextFrame,lastFrame,plotMode]
def info(self):
def info(release=None):
"""Open the url of the package documentation.
release = release if release else hdfviewer.__release__
# This will open the package documentation stored on readthedocs
url = os.path.join("{0}".format(hdfviewer.__release__))
url = os.path.join("{0}".format(release))
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