Commit 1acf9ad4 authored by Eric Pellegrini's avatar Eric Pellegrini
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the attributes of a dataset are now displayed

parent 5cf33e00
......@@ -152,6 +152,8 @@ class HDFViewer(widgets.Accordion):
datasetInfo.append("<i>Reduced dimension: %s</i>" %
str(tuple([s for s in shape if s != 1])))
datasetInfo.append("<i>Type: %s</i>" %
for item in self._hdf[self._startPath].attrs.items():
datasetInfo.append("<i>%s: %s</i>" % item)
datasetInfo = "<br>".join(datasetInfo)
vbox = widgets.VBox()
vbox.children = [widgets.HTML(datasetInfo), MplOutput()]
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