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......@@ -34,18 +34,6 @@ cmake ..
cmake --build .
# To Do
- [ ] remove zmq deprecated methods
/opt/panosc/cameo/src/impl/SubscriberImpl.cpp:210:36: warning: ‘bool zmq::detail::socket_base::recv(zmq::message_t*, int)’ is deprecated: from 4.3.1, use recv taking a reference to message_t and recv_flags [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
In file included from /opt/panosc/cameo/src/impl/SocketWaitingImpl.h:23,
from /opt/panosc/cameo/src/impl/SubscriberImpl.h:20,
from /opt/panosc/cameo/src/impl/SubscriberImpl.cpp:17:
/usr/include/zmq.hpp:1267:10: note: declared here
bool recv(message_t *msg_, int flags_ = 0)
## Development
How to find the list of public headers and check that they are all in the include/ directory
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