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......@@ -29,8 +29,22 @@ Download the compiler pre-built 2.6.1.
Change the path so that protoc is accessible from the command line.
Compile Protocol Buffers 2.6.1 with VS 2015.
* Compile the projects in vsprojects (implies their migration)
* Add _SILENCE_STDEXT_HASH_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS in preprocessor definitions.
Install Boost 1.59 with the installer.
* Add _SILENCE_STDEXT_HASH_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS in preprocessor definitions.
### Boost C++
Install Boost 1.59 with the installer from the [page] (
### Cameo
Compile the Protocol Buffers files:
cd src/proto
protoc -I=. --cpp_out=. Messages.proto
Open the project in the msvc/cameo-api-cpp.
Modify the paths of ZeroMQ, Protocol Buffers and Boost.
Generate the library which is a static library.
Boost threads do not work with the Matlab 2015b engine because Matlab depends on an older Boost version.
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